Firmware Download



There two ways to upgrade sw firmware for m100. One is the gui windows exe programm. the other is shell commands.

Before starting , you may need read this:

Programm Guide:

you can download  it here:

Double click temolinDownload.exe to run it.

Choose firmware type which you want upgrade

Click loadfile button to choose  relating img file

Click  download button to start !

Commands Guide:

  1. Boot and connect USB to PC, wait and check adb devices: open a terminal window and type this:

    adb devices

  2. switch to fastboot  mode:

    adb reboot-bootloader

  3. check fastbooe mode if OK:

    fastboot devices

  4. flash images which you need update:

    1. for type: fastboot flash boot

    2. for lk.bin ,type: fastboot flash lk lk.bin

    3. for recovery.img,type: fastboot flash recovery

    4. for system.img,type: fastboot flash system system.img

    5. for uerdata.img type: fastboot flash userdata userdata.img 

    6. for cache.img type: fastboot flash cache cache.img